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How to casually talk to a guy by Bow Escorts


So you walk into a party and there’s that hot guy there says Bow Escorts from that’s clearly he’s just working the room and just like a wrecking ball broken loose from a crane smashing you in the chest. You were knocked off your feet. This article is designed to teach you exactly how to approach that guy without him knowing that he’s actually being approached. Now by most women’s standards I’m insane, this is mostly because I’ve literally approached thousands of women in my life. And I have probably tried every line on this entire planet when it comes to approaching women. You see I used to coach guys on how to flirt with you girls this is how I started out as a dating coach and I learned a few things along the way that you’ll probably agree with when it comes to approaching you women.

First thing is you must be engaging funny and different when you approach a girl. Second is you must be fully committed to the approach and you must be very bold in your approach. Third your body language must still be pretty casual and not looking like you’re trying hard to make the approach. Now what if I were to tell you that approaching a guy as a woman only includes the last point of that equation. You must be casual and seemed as if it was just fate that brought you two together. Now, unfortunately most women they get this wrong they assume that the same principles of what works on them is equally effective when it comes to them approaching men. Absolutely wrong you are absolutely positively 100% you can approach men however, it’s only to serve one purpose it’s to give him an opportunity to win you over. Now, Jerry Maguire when he says help me help you well all you are basically doing when you approach a guy is helping him to help you by giving him an opportunity.

Now here are a few examples of how you can just casually approach a guy. Number one is maybe he’s sitting in a bar watching the game and you just casually ask him the score of the game. number two maybe he’s in front of line he’s in front of the line at Starbucks, and you ask him you know is it too hot outside for hot coffee, or is it too cold outside for you. Number three is you’re at a lounge bar maybe, you’re next to a guy and you’re about to order drinks, and you ask him what he’s drinking because it looks good. Once again casual maybe you’re at a crosswalk, and it’s been a while you’re sitting at that crosswalk at the light, and it’s been a while since it’s changed, and you tell them how it’s amazing that it’s unbelievable that society cares more about cars than it does. Walker’s you’re just making a statement about cars and pedestrians.

Now with each of these examples you have a smile from ear to ear. You know absolutely loving your day, loving your night, and quite frankly you should be on the brink of laughter in every one of these interactions, just enjoying yourself just in one of those amazing moods that no guy can walk away from now.


Change Is Good

I don’t know about you, but I think change is often a good thing. Sometimes even the best thing. I am always looking to change things up and shake up the status quo. In 2002, we changed things up by launching a website called and going to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo to hand…

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Where to find rich men…

So many of the girls here at Peckham escorts have left to live with rich men. I am not sure that it is for me, but I can tell that they are doing well for themselves. Most of the girls have left with the gents they used to date at Peckham escorts, but I am not sure that I would do that. There are plenty of places in and around London where you an pick up rich men, and you can meet some seriously rich ones.

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I love going to the spa, and the last time I had a weekend away from Peckham escorts, I went a spa just outside London. To be fair, I thought that there were only going to be girls at the spa, but I ended up meeting a lot of rich men as well. I did not tell any of them that I worked for Peckham escort services, but I will have to admit that I gave a few of them my phone number. All of them have been in touch, and I have been going out with them for dinner.

The other place to meet rich men is at golf clubs. I don’t play golf but I do help out at a bar in a golf club. For some reason gents find girls who work at golf clubs bars attractive, and I have been asked out on a number of occasions. The gents that I have met seem to be very generous, and a couple of them have really spoiled me. It is fairly easy to pick up guys at golf clubs as a lot of them are fairly lonely. I am surprised that more of them do not date Peckham escorts.

Some girls do like to think that they are smart when they pick up guys, and hustle them for all of the money they can get out of them. You really do have to be careful. It is easy to end up with a bad name. I let them buy me little things such as perfume, and some of them have bought me bling. I am not heartless when I pick up rich men, and I think that is one of the most important things. Some girls from Peckham escorts just grab and go, but I don’t think it is a good idea.

Do I want to live with one of the rich guys I have picked up away from Peckham escorts? I am not sure about that. They are okay, but I think that they would try to control my life. That is not really what I am into at all. I want to be with a guy, but I don’t like it when a guy tries to exploit me. It may seem to you what I do is exploiting gents and their bank accounts. But I really don’t do that. I think that a lot of guys know what the game is and love to spend money on the girls they meet. They probably get a kick out of doing what they are doing.

Want to Help Your Wife Heal? Walk into the Fire.

“He is not doing enough,” exclaimed Susan speaking about her husband Artie who betrayed her with his numerous affairs and pornography use. Her statement left me a little puzzled since I thought Artie had been doing well in his recovery. And from what I could see, Artie certainly had been doing everything that was asked... Read more »

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