Month: March 2015

Watching porn with your partner

Some people are not just that into watching porn, instead of turning them on, it may even turn they off. A lot of Slough escorts from this site have clients who enjoy watching porn, and they may spend hours just watching porn with their Slough escorts. There are many reasons for this, but more then likely this happens when their partners are not into porn.

This porn thing applies to both men and women, and an equal amount of men are not into porn. Many Slough escorts I know are not into porn neither and do not want to watch it even with their partners. They say that porn makes sex look cheap and dirty, and there is no sensuality about it. Perhaps things are different in Slough.

Some Slough escorts are really into porn, and may even participate in the making of porn movies. Other Slough escorts don’t think that is okay, but they may earn some extra money by posing in magazines. Personally, I can’t really see the difference but it must make a difference to these escorts.

How to get your partner into porn movies

I enjoy watching porn movies and my husband never used to. However, we have been married to each other for quite some time, and I think we have got used to each other little ways. We don’t watch a lot of porn movies, but we do every so often watch the odd one in the privacy of our own bedroom.

I managed to get my husband into porn movies after first relaxing him with a nice massage. By the end of the massage, he was so sleepy and tired, he did not care what we watched. He was a bit surprised when I put it on, and wondered a bit about the stuff going on. I asked him if he wanted to try something similar, and the next night we did. It was amazing and since then we have had sex whilst watching porn movies.

Have a drink

It may sound silly but having a drink together might work. A bit of white wine may just help your partner to relax and feel less embarrassed or uncomfortable about what he is about to watch.

If, it is his first time watching porn movies make gentle suggestions to him, and perhaps even undress him slowly. You might even end up in a bit of compromising position if you know what I mean. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of Dutch courage to try something new.

An introduction through books

Fifty Shades of Grey is not really a porn movie but if you are into porn movies, and your partner is not, this is a good opportunity to introduce them to him. The film does not really show any explicit sex scenes, and it is a lot tamer than the average porn movie but as a concept it is a good idea. It may even encourage your lover to explore some real porn movies together with you.

Porn movies are not for everybody, some people just prefer to have sex than watch a porn movie. I like to have sex when watching a porn movie, that is what turns me on.

Benefits Of Couples Watching Sex Videos Together

Watching sex videos as a couple is an ideal way to improve your sex life and open up to different ideas. Due to the fact that a lot of people want to have a healthy sex life but struggle in this area, there are a number of sex ideas for couples to explore together. These are some of the advantages of watching adult movies.

It is not usual to immediately have a perfect sex life; this is a learned process and something that you need to perform and work on through practice in order to give and receive pleasure. For you to do this, you need to experiment and try out new things. It is hard for people who are inhibited, which can prevent them from enjoying intercourse freely and openly. Some of these inhibitors are self consciousness as well as overall views and ideas that society has placed on things they feel are taboo.

There are different ideas that partners can try out in an effort to keep things exciting and fresh in the bedroom. Other ways couples can improve their love life is by trying out new poses, playing games and using toys. Having intercourse in the exact same position over and over becomes boring and with time, you will lose interest. There are different toys that you can use for arousal. If you are not brave enough to go to an Adult store, you can order these toys online and they will be delivered to you and no one will ever know. The easiest of these and the best for people that are just starting to explore their sexual desires is to watch porn movies.

Watching porn videos can be done from the comfort of your own home. This is an ideal place to get aroused together and also explore each other’s fantasies and desires. However, you should not expect too much from your partner as these videos have a plot line and a lot of intercourse with different people. If you see a girl squirt, you need to know that not every woman can do it therefore do not expect your partner to squirt.

As seen above, it is clear that sex videos have a positive effect on couples. However, limit yourself so that you do not become an addict. The only way to have a fulfilled sexual life is by being open minded with your loved one and letting them know what interests you.

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